The rain stopped. The wild flowers, although slightly past their prime, put on a good show. The demographics were impressive – from some very young to, er, a few no longer quite so spring-chicken, although definitely a ‘spring’ in the step.

The recently refurbished vestry was put through its paces – as more-ish “eats” appeared, and then… …they were no more.

The official excuse for the gathering was to show off the vestry refurbishment as well as highlight the pain-staking (and – for it is an old, historic listed building – re-assuringly expensive) repairs to windows, gutters and doors. There were even earnest slides in a constant loop showing amounts raised and dollops spent.

However, and inevitably, within seconds of people arriving and accepting a delicious glass of wine – then the spirit of Bacchus took over and there were tales of narrow escapes involving PCR, Track & Trace, rain-soaked UK holidays, the horrors of Heathrow – and a general acceptance that there worse places to be than Appleshaw this year in early August.

A big thank you to Trish and Lefty Wright who ‘offered’ the wine. (To “offer” something is a French expression which is not really accepted (English) idiom; but “donate” sounds a bit flat-footed with echoes of dreaded tombola prizes including out-of-date biscuit tins. And it was a fun evening – greatly enhanced by the wine. So “offered” it is – and many thanks to the Wrights.)

Set out below are a few photos from the evening, intermingled with some of the earnest funding raising slides….

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Caroline · 09/08/2021 at 11:51 am

Fab fun … lovely evening. Thank you everyone

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