It was cold – but in a seasonal ‘crisp (but not deep and even)’ way.

There was an element of mystery – with echoes of the Venice Carnival – as everyone was incognito in the semi-darkness, partially hidden behind masks and in many cases hats. Luckily – unlike Venice – it was dry.

Perhaps ‘romantic’ is pushing it – as after all it was a Carol service; but ‘evocative’, certainly.

Wassailing may have been off this year – but, on the eve of the shortest day, there were candles galore, spotted against a dark, cloudless sky. Grave stones intermingled with children singing. An outdoor gathering of every age from the village – including, as part of the finale, enthusiastic canine sopranos who spontaneously attempted the descant on “Hark the Herald”. Quite unlike any other Appleshaw Carol Service. Memorable.

2020 has been a grim year; but the 2020 Carol Service was special. A big thank you to Toby Gunter and David Fitzpatrick – and indeed many others – for making it happen. Putting up a marquee in mid-December in amongst the grave stones is a feat of engineering as well as enthusiasm-mustering.

Check out the photos below – and do share the link to this page with others who may appreciate seeing the photos – but who have not signed up for the updates yet… (Do please sign up!).

Wishing you a Happy Christmas……

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Fresci Cairns · 21/12/2020 at 8:57 pm

Wonderful evening. Very evocative as you say. Thank you so much for bringing us all together for as moment of pause, togetherness and Christmas joy x

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