We are all in need of a bit of good news on a grey November day in the middle of a second national lock-down … … so you may be interested to learn that the fund raising total for Appleshaw Church has now smashed through the £100,000 mark. In fact the total is hovering around £105k – and further donations have been promised.

The £5,000 win from the National Churches Trust – which we announced yesterday – has certainly helped. http://appleshawchurch.com/2020/11/21/5000-boost-for-appleshaw-church-fund-raising/ However, the good news is that the fund raising has momentum and we are on the way to getting to £125k – which is the next milestone.

The builders have attacked. The church now has ‘soak-aways’ that work and guttering installed. So a lot of the water-related damage should now stop. Unfortunately it is quite difficult to photograph gutters & soakaways and make them look remotely impressive, so we have not even tried.

The vestry is in the process of being transformed. Set out below are a couple of photographs of the refurbished vestry (which includes a new door, WC, kitchen area and window).

Panoramic view of the Vestry mid-refurbishment
‘kitchenette’ area of the vestry – before painting

We now face the big challenge. Take a look at the tower the next time you walk pass the Church. The paintwork is flaking off, the bare masonry looks positively ill and the window is not only visibly rotten – but it also looks reassuringly expensive to repair. So the next target for the renovation works is the tower… … and we certainly would be very grateful for any donations to help us ‘tame the tower’.

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Fresci Cairns · 23/11/2020 at 9:40 am

Wow! Extremely impressive money raised, works being done and works in the pipeline. Such a big thank you for all the dedication and hard work x

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