As you may know, the Church news for Appleshaw, Clanville, Fyfield, Kimpton, Shipton Bellinger, Redenham and Thruxton is set out in “7 Whole Days” – which used to be printed out and distributed by hand throughout the villages.

Given that the world has changed with Covid-19 – and the associated ‘lock-down’ restrictions – then we thought that it might be helpful to circulate a link to the March 2020 edition. Unfortunately this is not a terribly uplifting document as it tells you what you will already know, namely that the churches are closed; but there is other information on digital sources contained in the attached document.

We thought you might appreciate the photo at the top (and below) of the church bathed in Spring sunlight and framed by blossom. Thank goodness we are going into Spring and the sun is out… … if we were at the beginning of November then things would appear slightly more trying.

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